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Announcement: June 2023

Childcare is a demanding field.  We love the opportunity to make children feel valued, challenge their minds, and watch them grow, but the burden is heavy, the job is demanding, and the responsibility is great.

We must regretfully inform you that the heaviness and demand of childcare, especially the constant problem of staffing, has become too much. The administration at Above and Beyond has a tremendous respect for our responsibility to our families and students, and we feel the drain of the hard work.  It seems that no matter how much we are committed or how hard we try, we cannot fully guarantee any outcome or fulfill the standard to which we hold ourselves, and therefore we have decided that we are no longer going to continue in this business. For one year, we will downsize to a quarter of what we were before, and take the time to begin shutting down and selling the property.

We have no regrets about our five years of service to the community, with the exception of that we could not continue on. We are so thankful to each family that made their way into our lives and hearts.

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