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We are Above and Beyond for three reasons.  

1.  We are a Christian child care center.  The foundation of our faith in God above motivates us to provide child care with love, honesty, and integrity.  

2.  We are dedicated and passionate to serve you and your family above and beyond what one might expect, however and whenever we can.  

3.  We want to stir your child's natural curiosity and love for learning, inspiring them to discover and grow beyond expectation in all areas of development.

Inspired by the belief that all children are uniquely designed by a loving Creator, the developers of the concept for Above and Beyond Christian Child Care Center, LLC, cling to basic principles of child care that parents prize, including a genuine love for children and an understanding of their basic need to feel safe, secure, and appreciated for their individuality in order for them to have the confidence to try new things which will lead to learning in all areas.

  • We recognize that learning begins at infancy and we intentionally plan the day to include a plethora of experiences to awaken the brain to make new connections.

  • We value an education that balances self exploration and adult guidance.

  • We look for teachable moments to demonstrate personal responsibility, proper and caring social interaction, creativity, risk taking, physical health and development, and cognitive strength.

  • We place a high value on fun, joy in learning, and daily interaction between adults and children.

  • We believe that families should be treated with respect and transparency, we believe strongly in integrity and following regulations at all times for the safety of staff and children.

  • We will work with families in all areas necessary to foster a community of support.

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